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Photo of Architects Rosedale House
White Plains Times Newspaper
Architect Fights to Save Historic House
The House on Rosedale--A Before & After Story

Developer is proposing to demolish the two-story house which is the work of a pair of Architects. The lower story was designed by Edward Durell Stone RA and built in 1949. The renovated lower story and newly added upper story, a spanning structure, is the work of John Mclean RA, built in 2000. This house was viewed as a collaboration between architects of different generations. The integrity of the original design was maintained while adding a dynamic element to it, albeit some fifty years later.

Cover of the book "Becoming an Interior Designer" -  featuring Architect Mclean
Christine Piotrowski

The section on Retail Store Design, in Becoming an Interior Designer, features the The Electonics Bouique by John Mclean Architect and an interview of the architect about design.

design research

A Room by Mondrian made from Formica
Architectural HPL Applications

Shortly after the Formica Corporation launched its solid-core laminate material, Colorcore, it retained John Mclean to recommend new architectural applications for High-Pressure Laminate (HPL, or more commonly called plastic laminate).

Photo of Model for a Mile-High Tower Using Zero-stress Stainless
Concept for a Mile-High Tower
Zero-stress Structural Designsm

John Mclean, RA, presented his revolutionary vision for a new architecture to the SSINA members at its Market Development Meeting in Alexandria, Washington, DC, on April 10, 2003.

The use of stainless steel and zero-stress design produces elegant, stronger, lighter and safer buildings.

The importance of safety and strength in public and civic buildings, after the events of September 11th, make zero-stress stainlesssm a material of first choice

NEWS - Architect Mclean featured at the 2017 Stainless Steel World Conference & Expo, The Netherlands.
The attendees were introduced to the work of Mclean, which included his rersearch in 'zero-stress structures' and a demonstration how a glass object was rendered stronger. Mclean asked sfter his demonstration, "If I can do this for glass, imagine what stainless steel can do!"

The presentation of Mclean's work and lecture was given 30 November 2017, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

building laws & codes

The following Codes are presented here as references. Interpretation of the New York State Codes are made only by Code Division of the Department of State, or when authorized in the State Code by the local Building Code Enforcement Officer.

New York State Building Laws and Codes consist of nine Code Books, select the Code by title:

Building Code Residential Code Existing Building Code Fire Code Plumbing Code Mechanical Code Fuel Gas Code Energy Conservation Construction Code Property Maintenance Code

New buildings as of July 1, 2009, are regulated by the City’s Building Codes, which consist of the Building Code, Fuel Gas Code, Mechanical Code, and Plumbing Code.

Logo-more Codes
Even More Codes

Consult with your Architect about the specific Code requirements of your building or property.


Cover of the book "From Sand Castles to Dream Houses" by Sheri Koones Cover of the book House about it by Sheri Koones

"... From Sand castles to Dream Houses is a blueprint for promoting a professional and harmonious relationship between the homebuilder, architect and contractor." -- John Mclean Architect, book jacket

"I owe a very special thank-you to John Mclean, who is not only a talented architect and a good friend, but who has endless knowledge of every aspect of construction and design and meticulously reviewed every chapter of this book." House about it -- Sheri Koones, Author's acknowledgement

The Stainless steel Information Center

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