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Pondside Club West Condominium
Greenburgh, NY

See portfolio: Pondside Club West Condominium

The Architect’s redesign of the exterior of the building emphasizes each floor's plan and the integration of the various components that constitute the facade and a new entry way into the building.

Regency Park House
White Plains, NY

The building is a co-operative ownership property and consists of approximately 66 apartments, one professional office suite, two garages and a parking deck.

Designed over a decade numerous renovations, rehabiltations and energy conservations improvements for the property.

West Post Road Apartment House
White Plains, NY

Just a little more than a quarter of the apartment house building was left standing after the 2007 fire.  What remained was the foundation, the first floor structure and a part of the second floor.

Architect Mclean reviewed the conditions after the fire, presented and documented the facts to the Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) that supported the application for a building permit to reconstruct the apartment building.  The application was tentatively passed on its first presentation because it proposed increased compliance to the City’s Zoning requirements.  The ZBA accepted the Architect’s documentation of the condition of the surviving structure.

The new apartment house building was proposed and presented to the City for a building permit and the structure was reconstructed.


Sam Ash Music Store Expansion
White Plains, NY

The existing music store was expanded by a factor of 70% into the existing neighboring 4275 SF retail street level and into the basement.  The design allowed the store to remain in downtown White Plains and has helped to stabilize the City’s retail district.  The store is an important focal point in this region.

photo: The Electronics Boutique Woodbridge NJ Photo: The Electronics Boutique Bloomingdale IL Photo: The Electronics Boutique Window Dispaly Santa Monica CA
The Electronics Boutique
National chain store

See portfolio: The Electronics Boutique, Woodbridge NJ

Distinctive store designs were developed for this successful home computer software chain store.  The stores are typically opened in regional shopping malls, and average about 1000 SF each.  The product produces a high sales volume per SF. Inefficient store spaces were turned into attractive retail environments.  One New York City store was opened.  Altogether, ten stores were added to the chain under this program.

photo: A&P Futurestore Prototype Allendale NJ
See portfolio: A&P Futurestore Prototype
Allendale, NJ, Flagship Design,
Baton Rouge, LA, Atlanta, GA

See portfolio: A&P Futurestore Flagship Design

The assignment was a complete store redesign and prototype development for new and rehabilitation programs.  In addition to the architectural services, lighting, display, graphics and POP graphics and displays were designed for the prototype.  Stores range in size from 30,000 to 50,000 SF.  Two stores in Atlanta and another two in Baton Rouge were done as developments of the Prototype.  The store design has been awarded recognition by the industry and has been  a very successful in repositioning A&P.  The prototypical graphics and lighting has been adapted into A&P’s Waldbaum and Food Emporium stores.

Ceasar’s Department Store
New England Antiques Center
New Haven, CT

Designed two retail operations in the original Malley Department Store building in New Haven’s downtown, near Yale University and City Hall.  The concept for the 65,000 SF ground floor was to operate discount concessioners under one store management.  The upper floors were to operate as the New England Antiques Center.

photo" Casual CornerStore NYC
Casual Corner
National chain store

Ladies’ clothing store prototype designs for malls and street level stores, averaging 5,000 SF.  The prototypes were developed in Lennox Mall, Atlanta, GA and Woodbridge Mall, Woodbridge, NJ, and two street level stores in Mid-town New York City.

photo: Red Cross Shoe Store Chicago IL
Red Cross
State of Illinois Building, Chicago, IL

Development and implementation of a 2,000 SF ladies’ shoe store prototype design.

photo: Interior of ChemCourt NYC
Chemical Bank Headquarters
New York City
H L W Architects/John Mclean Project Architect

See portfolio: ChemCourt

ChemCourt was a 12,500 square foot entrance to the world headquarters of Chemical Bank.  The entrance was a glass enclosed botanical display, which the New York Botanical Garden seasonally updated.

ChemCourt was located between 47th and 48th Streets on Park Avenue.  The glass enclosed "park" was a fitting addition to Park Avenue. In the mid-nineties Chemical Bank merged with other banks and moved from this location and removed ChemCourt.

US Trust & Mid-town Office
New York, NY

Design for a modern banking floor with offices in the historically preserved paired residences designed by McKim, Mead & White.


Long Island University Gymnasium Lighting
Brooklyn, NY

The University’s gymnasium is housed in the ornate, former Paramount theater, which the University had renovated into a gymnasium.  The Blackbird’s basketball games are televised from the gymnasium.  This prompted LIU to reconsider the quality of the lighting.

The existing high pressure sodium light fixtures produce a yellow light, which kills color definition, places an eye strain on the players, is strobic and results in a poor television image.  The project as redesigned calls for the removable of the existing fixtures, and the installation of approximately 65, remote ballast, 400-watt, metal halide, down-light fixtures.  The new luminaires produce a non-glaring white light, for better color rendition of the television image.  The fixtures are suspended from a tension structure which spans the 20,500 SF gymnasium playing area, and illuminates two courts.  The lighting design incorporates an electronic scoreboard, suspended over mid-court.

Solomon Schechter School of Westchester
Play Environment & Memorial Garden

White Plains, NY

John Mclean, RA designed the outdoor play environment, the memorial sculpture and garden in 1985 and 1986 respectively.  The Architect donated the sculpture.

Solomon Schechter School of Westchester
Site Redesign and Traffic Access

White Plains, NY

The Site Access Project consisted of legalizing certain existing site and building conditions, and designing additional parking areas and new vehicular access patterns.   The new means of access were created by using existing legal right-of-ways and separating staff, parental and bus traffic from one another, while at the same time separating students from the traffic.  The separation at all times of the vehicular traffic from the pedestrian student and adult population was achieved by keeping the pedestrian traffic on the landside of curb and keeping the vehicles on the pavement-side of the curb.

In addition, the project entailed diminishing the effect of the new traffic pattern on the neighborhood; improving site lighting; providing traffic analysis documentation as an evidentiary exhibit to the City; development of a traffic management plan, campus signage; design of the campus gateway; and reporting to the School’s Board of Trustees on the feasibility of a new library and learning resource center.

Since 1984, Mr. Mclean has maintained a continuous professional relationship with the School.


Rosedale House
White Plains, NY

See porfolio: Rosedale House

The Rosedale House was originally built in 1948 and was designed by Architect Edward Durell Stone. The renovation renovation project was both the design for a bridge like structure that hovered over the original house and the historic preservation and rehabilitation of the Stone designed house.

Duplex High-Rise Residence
White Plains, NY

See portfolio: Duplex High-Rise Residence

Kutno-Kellner House
White Plains, NY

See portfolio: Renovated & Expanded Residence

Levene Residence
White Plains, NY

Addition to an existing house.

Residential Pool House Addition Project
Woodmere, NY

The proposed Pool House was situated between the existing brick residence and the garage.  The garage site was to be renovated and enlarged to accommodate the pool house and the equipment.  The perspective drawing delineates the proposed glass roof and the brick facade of the pool house.  The pool was designed with a glass vault covering a lap lane, which extended into the front yard and traversed by a foot bridge.

Lawn Pavilion for house in Rye, NY
Pavilion House Project
Rye, NY

Olmstead House Project
Scarsdale, NY

House redesigned around an atrium with a glass roof. The atrium served as the grand entrance to the residence.

Other Residential Projects

Yearley Residence, NYC
Eplan Residence, NYC
Bergson Residence, NYC
Ahlers Project, White Plains, NY
Katz Residence, White Plains, NY
Vasey Residence, Chappaqua, NY
Jaffe Residence, Chappaqua, NY


Westchester County Courthouse
White Plains, NY

See portfolio: Westchester County Courthouse, Renovation & Exterior Cladding Prototype

A multi-use complex consisting of a 20-story courtroom tower and a multi-floor low-rise component.  The low-rise section houses the ceremonial courtroom, County Clerk, District Attorney and other county operations.  The proposed renovation encompasses the exterior refurbishment of the cladding and the interior.  The interior plan calls the construction of more criminal courtrooms.  The complex has about 440,000 SF of floor area.  The structure is reinforced concrete.  Estimated cost is $70,000,000.

Facilities Development Corporation of New York State
Hastings & Rye, NY

Designed two Residential Intermediate Care Facilties. The projects were requested by the New York State Office of Metal Retardation on behalf of the Young Adult Institute (YAI) and the Westchester Jewish Community Services (WJCS). The Hastings residence would be operated by the YAI and the one in Rye by WJCS.


photo: Crowne Plaza Hotel White Plains NY
Holiday Inns Crowne Plaza Hotel
White Plains, NY

Holiday Inns retained the professional joint venture of Mclean-Zingher to take over the Project, as its Architect-Engineer-of-Record.  The task at hand was to complete the hotel by August 1986.  Our responsibilities included resolving design issues, and re-designing certain elements as requested by the Owner or as needed to satisfy site conditions.  We provided certification to the City of White Plains that the construction complied with the laws and the terms and conditions of the building permit for the issuance of the Certificate of Use and Occupancy.

400-room, 16-story hotel tower with meeting rooms, grand ballroom, retail, bar and restaurant spaces, and a parking structure.  Structure is reinforced concrete with pre-stressed floor-forming units.  The exterior is synthetic stucco.  Cost $43,000,000.

photo: Long Wharf Hotel Boston MA
Long Wharf Marriott Hotel*
Boston, MA, Photograph: Steve Rosenthal

The Long Wharf Marriott Hotel occupies a particularly prominent site in Boston’s burgeoning waterfront redevelopment area sharing its pier on the Great Cove with the landmark Chart House and Custom House buildings.

The Hotel opened in 1983 and has 395 guest rooms.  Two lower levels in the broad base of the building accommodate a ballroom and other public function rooms as well as a 225-car parking garage.

Bally Casino Hotel*
Atlantic City Boardwalk, NJ

A 800 room hotel and casino complex.  The guestrooms are located in a 25-story tower.  On-site parking is provided.  Structure is steel frame; cost, $190,000,000; and was completed in 1979.  Design proposed glass entrance structure.


West 45th Street
New York, NY

See portfolio: West 45th Street Lobby Design Project

Proposed renovation of the existing elevator lobby, elevator cab design, lighting, and creation of a new landscaped plaza.  The existing building consists of a 70-years old tower with a 25-years old glass tower annex with linked lobby floor levels.  The buildings overlook historic New York Harbor.

17 Battery Place Plaza Project
New York, NY

Proposed renovation of the existing elevator lobby, elevator cab design, lighting, and creation of a new landscaped plaza.  The existing building consists of a 70-years old tower with a 25-years old glass tower annex with linked lobby floor levels.  The buildings overlook historic New York Harbor.

Battery Park City Commercial Center
World Financial Center*

New York, NY

The famous 4-tower skyline feature of Battery Park City consists of 170 floors distributed in each tower as follows: 51, 45, 40 & 34, that stands under the World Trade Center’s twin towers.  In addition there is a 3-story concourse with retail and restaurant spaces that join at the glass arched winter garden overlooking the Center’s own yachting marina.  1,000-car below grade parking structure is built under one of the Towers.  The floor area is about 7,000,000 SF.  Structure is steel frame; cost about $2.7 billion; and was completed in 1985.

National Commercial Bank*
Red Sea, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

A 400 foot high, 27-story sculpted tower, built on a lagoon off the Red Sea.  The tower is cladded in travertine.  The 18,000 SF floor plate is V-shaped, and forms three different orientations.  The interior face of each leg of the V is glazed.  Thus, the building shades the glass walls, affords indirect day-lighting, and offers a panoramic view of the Red Sea and the desert landscape.  The ground floor is the banking finished in white and green marbles, fountains and teller stations.  Structure is steel frame; cost, $300,000,000; and was completed in 1982.

Great-West Plaza*
Denver, CO

A twin tower plan consisting of 60 typical floor levels, each about 14,700 SF.  The development includes a pedestrian concourse and below-grade parking.  Structure is steel frame; cost, $154 million; and was completed, 1978.

Other High-Rise Projects*

Historic New York Telephone Building Re-Cladding, Buffalo, NY
Denver Square, Denver, CO
Chemical Bank World Headquarters, New York, NY
New York Plaza, New York, NY
College of Insurance, New York, NY

*Done while a member of a former firm

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