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Credentials are needed in order to access the Project Files

Project File Access


If the link to the Project Files does not work, paste the following URL into the address bar of your browser:
Enter the access credentials issued to you in the pop-up log-in panel. Once signed-in, you can download the files.


Uploading & downloading files to the server is made in one of three ways:

1. Use Windows or File Explorer and overwrite or edit the address bar to read,

2.Create a web folder on your computer that connects to

3. Use a freeware ftp utility, such as cyberduck (pc or apple) that runs as a plug-in your web browser.

Project Files are Privileged and
Confidential Documents

Your accessing the Project Files with the Credentials issued to you constitutes your acceptance and agreement to the conditions of confidentiality and priveleged information. If you did not receive the credentials directly from John Mclean RA, you are strictly prohibited from accessing the files. Destroy the credentials and report this by email to John Mclean, RA:

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