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Architect John Mclean | modern design for the client's goal

Design of buildings in a wide range of types, rural & urban residences, building art & science, building & zoning codes, expert consultancy & witness, industrial design

Mclean Fights to Protect Historic House
Architect Mclean 'Fights to Protect Historic House' from demolition as 'Neighborhood-Altering Plan Goes Before Board'

Portfolio of Projects
Projects: Pondside condo, Electronics Boutique, Rosedale House, Westchester Courthouse, 56 West 45th St., residential, commercial & public buildings

Rosedale House-Before and After
The house on Rosedale Avenue is gone, a before and after story, and the failure of the Planning Board to 'consider what it is that forms a community's heritage and environment regarding our city's future

Review of "The Paris Architect" by Charles Belfoure
Architect Belfoure's first novel about modernist Lucien who designs hiding places for Jews in Nazi occupied Paris and his renewed relationship to humanity

Architectural Services
Architectural Services include design of stores, residences, bridges, site planning, expert witness testimony, engineering

Architect Mclean
Education; licensure, cerification & NYS registration; experience; projects; expert testimony; presentations, publications, exhibitions & awards, professional & other activities

Buildings by Types
Types of buildings designed by Mclean include multiple residences, hotels, residences, retail stores, banks, courthouse, educational uses

Building Art & Science
Review of the zero-stressing design technique for the horizontal skyscraper; and an analysis of the 9-11 collapse of the World Trade Center

Zero-stress Structures
Zero-stress structures are based on solid materials such as stainless stel and water as a composite that yield higher strength, inherently fire and seismic resistant

More: Research, publications, resources, industrial design
publications, design research, articles, codes, resources, safety, stainless steel, plastics, fire safety, structures

Contact the Architect
Contact the Architect about your project needs by e-mail, telephone or mail; or about consultancy, services, project budgets, employment-opportunities

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