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2009 residential bridge addition to mid-century residence and historic preservation Restoration: Pondside Club West Condominium exterior reconstruction of 48-unit residential buildingOn the Aftermath of Huricane Sandy personal newspaper report of the 2012 devestation of Breezy Point and pro-bono service in its aftermath"Edward Durell Stone: Modernism's Populist Architect" review of the book about Architect Stone's influence in popularizing modern architectArc. Belfoure's novel "The Paris Architect" Architect Balfour's first novel is set in WWII occupied Paris and is about the humanity of its architect hero and his architectural inventions to save the lives of France's Jewish citizens Architect Mclean is featured at 2017 Stainless Steel World Conference & Expo - Netherlands proof of concept lecture & demonstration that buildings can be built with water and stainless as a structural composite of the two naterials with significant architectural and structural, seismic and safety benefits

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